About us

Ecovis System Rewident Sp. z o.o.

More than 25 years on the market

We have been operating on the Polish market since 1995. In 1996, the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors authorised us to audit financial statements (No. 1253).
Since 2007, we have been operating as part of the Ecovis international network – a leading global group specialising in tax and legal advice, accountancy and auditing. Ecovis’s network around the world guarantees that our customers receive support wherever they do business.

More than 100 employees

Our team consists of more than 100 highly-qualified, experienced, competent employees who are well versed in all aspects of finance and accounting, and approach every issue from many angles.

Our team includes:

  • chartered auditors,
  • tax advisors,
  • financing and accounting Staff,
  • EU funds specialists,
  • specjaliści w zakresie kadr i płac
  • IT specialists.

Over 10 years with ISO 9001 certification

For many years we have placed emphasis on compliance with the procedures and standards set out in ISO 9001. Thanks to this, we are able to provide our Clients with services of the highest quality and support them as a trusted and reliable business partner. Our activities in this area are audited annually by an external certification organisation.

More than 500 customers served

A good reputation is the basis for good cooperation with a wide group of companies. Our goal is to help our customers succeed. Those customers include numerous civil law companies, including those in which the State Treasury participates, as well as listed companies, foundations, institutions, universities, associations – entities operating in various economic sectors. The variety of industries for which we provide services and our many years of experience contribute to the in-depth specialized knowledge of our experts.


ECOVIS is a leading global network of consulting companies which was established and developed in mainland Europe. At present, it employs about 8500 people in over 85 countries around the world. ECOVIS’s main areas of activity include tax and legal consulting, accountancy, and auditing.

The name ECOVIS merges the terms “economy” and “vision”. It expresses both the international character of our network and its focus on the future and development.

The strength and potential of ECOVIS derives from a fusion of two factors: individual consulting at the national level, and international interdisciplinary knowledge.

Every member of ECOVIS can count on the support of qualified specialists with solid knowledge and extensive experience. Such diversification provides clients with effective support, especially with regard to international transactions and investments. ECOVIS focuses on midsize companies.

Membership in the ECOVIS group gives our company an advantage over our competitors. The one-stop-shop concept we apply provides multidimensional support on legal, fiscal, managerial and administrative issues. We ensure that our customers receive effective support at any location and provide comprehensive solutions for the business issues they face.