EU projects audits and services

EU projects audits and services

Audits of EU projects are conducted with due regard to binding legislation of the European Union as well as Polish regulations, including:

The scope of an audit is defined in agreement with the client. Depending on specific needs, we focus on the following areas:

Audit procedures are adapted to a specific fund, to the character of the project, the degree of project implementation, the existence of internal audit function and the detailed requirements of the audit contract.


We carry out evaluations of projects co-financed from European Union funds in every phase of their implementation. An evaluation examination may include:

EU funds consultants, internal auditors and evaluation experts aware of the legal context of EU project implementation are directly involved in the evaluation of projects co-financed from EU funds.


We provide services in the area of settlement of projects co-financed from European Union funds. We guarantee professional assistance which ensures the security of our customers in regard to a project’s financial progress and implementation of project indicators.

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