HR and payroll services

HR and payroll services

We administer the payroll and personnel files of client’s employees regardless of the form of employment. We help to cut the costs related to human resources management, taking account of a company’s specific needs and requirements.


Our personnel documentation administration offer includes:


Our offer of payroll documentation administration includes:

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Human capital is the most important factor contributing to business development. Therefore we offer you full support in building your personnel management systems. The better the management of the team, the greater the benefits it generates. Our actions are preceded by the analysis of the human resources management model used in the company and the level of matching the competences of both the new and current employees. The analysis also concerns the level of employee awareness of the existing company strategy and requirements for employees.

An important element of human capital management is its adaptation in a new working environment. According to research, more than 20% of newly hired employees resign from work due to the lack of proper induction into the company’s structure. Our consultants will develop an onboarding system, introduce a new employee into the company community, familiarize them with the company’s strategy, procedures and organizational culture of the company.

As specialists in bonus systems, due to the thorough recognition of the working environment and the specificity of the company’s operations, we will propose and implement an optimal incentive system that will translate into people’s behaviour, productivity and consequently into business results. A proper incentive system is an excellent management tool for managers, builds relationships with employees, reduces their turnover, which directly affects the stability of the company and its image on the market.

The audit of the existing incentive system allows to assess the effectiveness of the system and shows its real impact on the level of employee involvement. The benefit of the audit is the identification of areas requiring improvement and the recommendation of solutions.

An indispensable part of the human resources management process is the employee appraisal system, which often plays an incentive role. The main objective of the system proposed by us is to raise the employee’s awareness of the tasks assigned to them, the efficiency of their work and eliminate errors resulting from the lack of knowledge about their own work. The internal communication tool used in the company is also checked.